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So you do things without considering or caring about the consequences right?

Why don't you shut up? You are like a mosquito, always buzzing and buzzing.

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You're awesome and amazing. No one can stop you from being that. You're also doing a good job. I'm proud of you.

Say that to my face..

Text me plz? What's wrong with your fingers? 🤌

I would text you but I don't even know who this is..

I wish I could tell you just how much you mean to me. I miss you all the time. I wish you were still in my life. I know you’ll never see this but who knows maybe you will. You are loved. You are important. You are valued. You are appreciated. You are validated. You are acknowledged. You are worthy

This is a nice message.
But why?

Don't worry when you go to jail I'll hold your stuff for you and make sure nothing happens to it that way when you get out when you get out you'll still have your stuff I won't do you like Sonya and everybody else did maybe not it just depends on how you treat me go play with her ignore me some more

Who is Sonya? lol why are you so obssessed with 'jail'?
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do your friends talk about you behind your back

would they be friends if they talk bad about you when they know that no good would come of the situation?

How would you feel, when you died and met God and he told you, that you allowed your mental illness to ruin every relationship you’ve been in?

I would ask him why no one helped me understand and recognize the signs of the illness and how to combat it?
And idk, feel frustrated and angry?

Have you ever had a friend who would sometimes go ghost (disappear) once in a while for their own personal reasons and come back when it’s convenient for them? How would you deal with someone like this?

how do you know they are disappearing for personal reasons and convenience? Maybe confront them if you are close enough.


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