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What could be your reasons for discontinuing friendship with a person?

Yaar, I haven't discontinued anything with anyone for a long long time. Kabhi kabhi I'm senti, but alhamdulillah, I can't complain cuz I'm blessed by a God that loves me :)

Do you trust your friends? Do you know your friends? Do you feel better when you are around them?

Alhamdulillah, all my friends are awesome!! And of course, who doesn't.
If any of my friends or people in my read this, please now that my door is always open if you ever need anything.

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What is your favorite word?

I don't have a favorite word.
But the first word that came into my mind when I saw this was:
Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum

ANSWER THIS OR YOURE DUMB From a point on a river, two boats are driven in opposite directions, one at 7 miles per hour and the other at 11 miles per hour. In how many hours will they be 54 miles apart?


What is a fun fact that you would like to share for no apparent reason what so ever?

Wow way to put me on the spot like that.
One fun fact about me according to my family is that I love to sing, especially when I'm in a happy mood. I have really loud song sessions when taking a shower. My mother also told me that I apparently make some sort of singing noise when I really love some food.
Another fun fact is that I have 2 cats, who I'm always messing around with. I love to bother them, doing stupid stuff like using their bellies as a pillow until they get annoyed. The cats also love to play hide and seek with me and just creepily stare at me.

What are you doing?

Currently reading about the Kola Superdeep Borehole, which is the deepest human made hole in the world (more than 12000 meters)

choose a good heart. not a good face. ‏

I believe everyone has a good heart, and looks are personal preference

what do you expect from this life?

I don't expect too much. These days, I just try to be grateful in the knowledge that there's some power out there who looks out for me and wants the best for me.
I try my best to be sincere to be people, and forgive if them if they might have hurt me (it can be hard sometimes).
If there's someone who needs to hear this, don't be sad. Just be sincere in what you do, follow what you perceive of God, be grateful with what you have, and pursue what you desire. And know that you are loved and deserve happiness.

Theres a girl who is after my fiance. And is hungry for him. What should i do.

Bring forks. Give one to her and keep one for yourself.
Then both of you eat him.

What do you consider to be a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship would be one where you can be yourself and be encouraged to express yourself. If a person avoids another person, or makes small talk to everyone else except one person, or just feels awkward around someone, that is not healthy. When you can share your secrets and vulnerabilities with someone, without them breaking your trust, that is healthy. When both people are willing to meet each other's needs without judgement, that's healthy. During tough times, understanding the other person's behavior or withdrawal or anger, and telling them you care for them is healthy. If you broke someone's trust, being intimate and upfront with them is healthy, to reestablish connection. Two sided trust is healthy, where both people share vulnerabilities.

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I started memorizing the Quran again, please wish me luck!
Also, today I was thinking about how fickle this world is, where showing emotion is a weakness. There are so many who pretend to be your friends but once they find something bothering you, they use that to attack you and if you react, spread slander about you.
I wish for a spouse and friends who are inwardly and outwardly beautiful, who are strong, successful, intelligent and good characters of people.


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