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...space ⚽ ⚽ (☆ please forward this message )

who do you want me to forward it to?
trash soccer players. I am even worse.

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I want a man that only has eyes for me. and only accepts me for who I show you instead of what I say. I wanna cook for you. I want to b touched hug kissed. I want reassurance and praise and compliments. I want to grow with you not against you.i wanna be the reason your stress melts away.

wow that is not a graceful thing to say is it?
but you must really love this person huh?

How have you dealt with panic attacks

my hands and feet go cold.
I get extreme sensitivity to light and louder sounds.
I get palpitations.
Just hold on and wait for it to pass.

The truth comes out when one is angry? Agree or disagree

So if someone is always angry and blunt, does that mean they are the most truthful person?

Give or receive?

purple. maybe orange.
like what the hell is the question supposed to mean?
Ask stupid questions, get dumbass answers..

would you rather spend your time online or with someone special?

online. ain't anyone special anymore, fuck this fuck that everything.
I hate everything

How are you slowly dying like you never heard of Milk Thistle…? It heals the liver, even from Hepatitis

milk thistle makes you poop like crazy

How many times have you prayed and you got what you prayed for? What were the things you prayed for?

there have been times, yes.

How do you react when people make you mad?

I am used to being invalidated so no biggie. either get angry or shut everyone out.


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