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do you miss anyone?

I miss who I was 10 years ago and the people around me.
I miss the potential of who many people could have been in a different world.
I am mad at the world for breaking my heart even when I tried my best.
so whats the point of missing anyone? it doesnt help anyone

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If World War 3 breaks out, will you become a soldier and go to war?

I will likely die of blood pressure/ heart attack or some other illness or have a panic attack or something.

Can young people have blood pressure issues?

yes it is genetic and also a stress response.
People who are under stress, anxiety inducing situations for long amounts of time develop these issues.

Would you go out of the country for a first date?

I dont want to make any decisions, I just want to avoid everyone and everything

I want to be your partner in crime. Hire me, your private eye detective that dont need degree for. Im too smart for that, you all know that

Sorry, crime is bad.
These 'private detectives', corrupt law enforcement and people in authority make people's lives hell and cause paranoia, trauma and panic attacks.

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Would you marry someone for their money?

I won't marry anyone just for their 'money'. Money makes life easier though and it's an added bonus. But qualities like being able to get along, tolerance and attraction matter as much if not more.
I hate people who think this way and this materialistic way of thinking. These days I am very cynical of the human race.

Why you get mad & delete yourself off of my snap, huh? Did that video hurt your feelings? & then you come on here & post 🤣🤪

I deleted snapchat a long time ago. I didn't delete anyone off there from what I can remember.

What exactly do you want these days?

Devotion to a higher cause, and to help the people of the world.

What's the chance of getting your reply if I am unknown?

I am bored, so I am deleting and answering these questions lol. So hello, random stranger from the past, how are you?

What is the thing that makes you happy

Being in the company of people who inspire me. High achievers, and those who make the world a better place.


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