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{I know this isn't a question & sorry for bothering if not celebrating.} Happy Holidays. I hope you have wonderful Xmas eve and Xmas.

ThePastelBookworm’s Profile PhotoKristi
Thank you, Merry Christmas to you, too!
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What are your thoughts on YouTube Rewind 2018 - is it fail or success?

Major fail. YouTube is completely out of touch with its audience.

What anime are you watching now?

My Hero Academia, Boruto, Dragon Ball Super, Mob Psycho 100, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Black Clover, Hunter X Hunter

What would you do if you could inflate your body like a balloon?

Please stop asking me this question. I don't have this fetish.

To the anon person that helped me look at my thoughts and feelings yesterday I hope you get this message, thank you! love Teri

tericrosby2016’s Profile PhotoTeri
That wasn't me.

Do you get random anon questions with a follow-up a few mins later at similar time intervals everyday? Or is it just me? I guess I'm asking are there bots?

namelessthoughts’s Profile PhotoJae Ar
Yes, all the time.


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