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I demand a conversation.

Idk then reach out haha what the actual fuck like reach out on real social media instead of hiding behind here

i MISs you WE miss you

No you don’t otherwise you would be reaching out lol point blank statement argument over

Please don’t forget me but I have do this. I love you so much

I probably already have forgotten you if your an ex …….

I may seem like I don't care but I do deep inside me is a big ball of feelings that want to come out I can't though cause it will be a waste of time to much is already gone or lost but my heart misses you

Gross please stop caring about meeeeee

Please. Take me back, I’ve changed and I really want you back in my life. I miss you

No I don’t know who you are but my answers no I’d never take an ex back they are an ex for a reason


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