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If I’m awkward and you’re not how do we change that

I'm different and I like to see those people have a different more evolved thought process

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Have you ever came across a person online that hacked into your phone?

The easiest and most efficient way is when people you know do it.
You gotta be careful they are so smart

Is it hard for you to open up to someone?

It's actually a fault I believe. I go for honesty to build my friendships on trust because that means a lot to me. So if asked I do tell

I saw you 5 days ago...you think that personality and charisma will continue to work next time I see you?

If you see a person taking a walk that has nothing to do with their personality or charisma...

Ever have intrusive thoughts?! 🤣

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It is written we will have trouble in life but fear not because the world has been beaten.
Also . We all have and always will fall short of the glory of our Creator


I'm not sure if that is a title worthy of that particular job. It is possibly THE most important job in the world. A stay at home mom spends more time influencing our children and the future of the world

Saw you in my dream my father and stepfather held your hands up 🙌 and used their free times to point at you and my ex was chilln clearly it wasn’t you so part of the reason I stopped messing with you is because you learned a new trick and started playing games

I am familiar with Jewish Mysticism, Hermetics, stoicism, Lesser and Gran Key of Solomon. Candle spells. Smoke spells, Rosicrucianism, Freemasons and the 66 Laws of ILLUMINATI.
I'm human but I'm not violent. I truly have never cast a spell other than I used to be a gossip at work. That's a SPELLing

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I have some bad news I talk to your doctor he has confirmed you are in fact an idiot

Ya know I really do like this app. It has always shown me how things can work in the universe and I enjoy it.

I told you no I’m the one who cut you out not the other way around

You are so smart in your veils and layers of manipulation.

Your future scares me !!!!

The fact that you are stalking someone so closely that you are apparently making charts to their possible future. Is not good. It looks kinda bad on ya

Do you believe in unconditional love?

The Greek had several different words for love.
Agape is the word for unconditional love and it is the way your Creator loves us. Endlessly and unconditionally


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