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Paano ba magmoveon?lol

una acceptance, pangalawa, siguro mas maganda kung maayos pag ka break niyo. pangatlo, love yourself more kasi pag nakita mo na why cry over someone who's smiling while losing you, parang nawawala yung self worth mo, kasi parang am i not good enough? instead of saying that, say that i'm going to be happy with or without her/him. and that you deserve so much more than crying over her/him. malay mo someone would make you more happier than he/she ever made you happy ay na sa tabi mo lang you just fail to see it kasi you're blinded with pain, ang pag ka tanga.

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Who do you admire the most right now?

my mom, because despite the challenges that comes to her she was able to be stronger and even though a lot of things are happening in our lives shes still there for us to ensure us that everything will be okay. even though we quarrel a lot and we have a different perspective in almost everything we were able to keep everything in line because of her.

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