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Never, trust a fart...

theres this one time i was at work thought it was a fart. Turns out im lactose intolerant and ate mac and cheese earlier that day. i couldnt even go home i was the closing manager and my shift had just started.

Them lil quickies from the side b the best inna A.M😭💯

I'm tellin you bruh! Them a.m quickies those lunch break quickies

Do you believe in ghosts?

My "imaginary friend" as a kid lived in my closet her name was
emily. My daughter's imaginary friend lives in the same closet her name was Emily too. I forgot bout emily till my daughter brought her up. Pretty sure theres a dead little girl in my closet

Do you care about how people might perceive you or what they’ll think about you going off of your posts ????

idc what people think of me


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