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Are u and pk close y'all seem like u a brotherly bond

Yeah he's my boy known him for over three years.

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What was the music that you played in the background of your latest video (the VGC one), better yet, what is all the music you play in your videos, it's all awesome :D

lmao i always choose songs from my ist that i think will fit. i used stand proud from ippo

Did you watch the whole FlamingSpade interview with verlisify and what did you think of it?

yeah i did and i think spade handled himself extremely well lol

you said you don't have bars.....couldn't shofu just EV train your rapping skills? i wanna see YOU in the pokemon cypher :[

if he wrote bars for me sure!

Opinion on M-Latios? IMO he's useless since LO does more damage physically and specially

i just think he looks cool haha idk yet about him

hey can you tip Alex 2000 dollars? she deserves it, i am a complete stranger but i think her sandwiches are like the best i've ever had. i'm also DEFINITELY not Alex.


What nature and spread for an aegislash with shadowball in ubers?

i like calm spdef one haha max hp and spdef but up to you

Hey! I plan on doing a YouTube channel with a bunch of friends, and we're gonna be contributing a bunch of different stuff. So, I have two questions: What do you use to record and narrate your Wi-Fi battles, and would you willing to battle me one day when we get this all set up?

I use camtasia to record as well as my 3ds built in capture card that i paid for and i use my blue snowball to narrate and sure
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i dont have a question, all i want is a pk face back from you :].....might aswell throw in a joey face :J....and maybe throw in some rocks just in case the trainer jumps in battle :]]]]

lmao go away :] :J

Joey would U plz do a video analysis on how to beat Baton pass teams with espeon,mr.mime,vaporeon,smeargle,sylveon and scolipede. I am currently 19 on the showdown ladder but am being constantly beaten by this team. Everyone on the top 10 uses this team. What could i do? What should i use?

use volcarona or sd bisharp and i could try lol


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