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hey would you be mad @ a friend..if he/she hit your ex that you was veryclose too...

No she a ex for a reason.. I wouldn't care.. That's their business.. Life goes on

your like a smoove bubble bee..and very arrogant..do you like arrogant women as well...

Lol I'm definitely not arrogant.. You must don't know me too well

I got mine. I feel bad for the females being played by you.

So why you worrying about me if you got yours?? OH.. Should worry about YOURS and not me..

Who said record? A fool will also try to please multiple women at once. Have you seen any fools in the mirror lately?

Damn you bitter lol..

Do you believe that people talk? Pictures and text messages don't lie.

People also lie.. A fool will believe anybody.. And I never recorded myself having sex or kissing someone so I know you never saw that through a text..

Lls Why do you sleep around and kiss on different women? Do you think that diseases are a game?

Ever seen me kiss on any girl or sleep with em?

The one I asked AKA ctfu I know what you tryna put on Ima keep the code doe and play along. Ctfu you ever thought bout being a comedian?

Actually I have.. I think I'll be a good one

Ctfu My fault cuz you was kissing ol girl wanted to know iz you getting the best of both worlds?

Kissing who? When you seen me kissing somebody?

did u leave dat Delta for dat freshmen?

What freshman? And idk who that delta is.. If you're referring to TYLA then that's my boo..

Will you ever get married? And if so who would you want to be your wife?

I hope I will one day lol..and I really can't answer the 2nd question.. Still young


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