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You're profile picture really is disgusting

What about it is disgusting? It's more natural for humans to harvest their own food than for them to buy it where it could be genetically modified and you don't even know about it. At least I know where my food is coming from and don't have to think about the ethicality of the raising of the animal.

I'm just going to have to post embarrassing photos of you all over the internet then if you are going to be rude

You do that

Jordy I love you but stop using "your mom" jokes❤️

Haha I'm sorry Haley but that's just kind of my thing so I'm going to have to refuse

Nah. I don't care nearly enough. Later bro

The only person who can call me bro is you mom when we're in bed. But that's on the past so it doesn't matter


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