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Would u ever date Andrew Olson?

I've already been there... Done that. But nahh Andrew is like my brother

no offense but i used to actually think that your last name was pronounced 'birdshell' with an h, and i didn't find out until last week that i was wrong this whole time... sorry lol


tbh sixth grade Spanish was the bestest thing ever and we need to snapchat more often cuz I'm really pretty in them and I guess you're kind of pretty

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Srta binder for lyfe and yess just like ur wierd animals in ur bedroom

julia truth is you're really really really pretty, like insanely pretty i cant look at you and not think that omg, can we trade faces seriously/ text me or hmu sometime you seem super nice! you have the nicest clothes and you're really sweet and so cute!!

haha aw thxx so much!! ur so nice


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