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Just your butt?? No thigh marks either or nothing?? Butt stretch marks are the best! LOL

Yup just my butt.

That's what ask is ALL about! Tryn to get in ya business! LOL which boob is larger L or R?

I think they're equal. I have no boobies they're small. Lol.

You're cute! You seem like the lowkey sneak freaky type! LOL where is the most out of the ordinary place you've had relations?

Stop trying to get all in my business. Lol. Never kiss and tell.

LMAO this is so fun being all in ya bizz! So shall we continue?? It's gonna get worse. LOL

I've noticed you're having fun.

lmao I see someone asked about head, so when was the last time you got the D?? And for when you can't/don't get the D do u use toys or just your fingers? lol (honestly)

Lmao. It's been a while. And no I don't use anything.


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