Ask @KaeyaB

Youre really pretty! Dont listen to them negative people..you know what you already know...they're just making assumptions that aren't true..God bless you beautiful!!

Thank you so muchhh , made my day !

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Cause all he wants is your ass if he really wanted you as a person y'all would be dating

Lol you don't know shit . Why you so interested in my life ?

U were talking to Keaton and now Aj. At least we know you enjoy the team .. Hoes now and days

Nice to know you keep up with my life . And me & keaton "talked" for bout a week . Lmao anyways I could give a fuck what you think , but I bet ya ass won't step to me in person .

I respect that gorgeous tell him he's lucky and you're a keeper

Thank youu so much , you have so much respect

I don't want to approach you wrong like all the other jackasses on here. So I just wanted to say you're very gorgeous and I would like to get to know you. Text you sometime of that's ok with you.

That's very sweet , but i kind of already have a dude ...


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