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what kind of candy do u think we'd be for Halloween?

W-who is this...?
Um... you would one those candy pumpkins, I guess...?

Do you talk to yourself?

Haha! Oh, sometimes, you know. When nobody else is around... When you're the only one left, you have to!

I only just learned about Boggarts today, and while the concept is interesting I can’t help but want to meet one in person. Based on what multiple exgirlfriends have told me, I have a pretty solid idea of what it will change into, and I’m beyond curious to see exactly how one can take on the form o


PLEASE tell me you know how to make a cake using cheap ingredients.

Oh boy! You're in luck! I know this great secret for making a cheap cake, I'll share if you promise not to tell anyone...
Okay! So first you go to grocery store and you buy one of those containers full of cupcakes, and then you mash them all together! BAM! Instant cake!

*smiling + friendly pointing at her* I DoU8T YoU HaVe To TrY.

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*giggles* Yeah, but it doesn't hurt to try to be even cuter, right?
...No, wait, I mean,
Lol! Yeah, but it doesn't hurt to try to be even cuter, right?
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