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You know you loving all this attention you getting on this question shit. Bitches love attention

Ha! You must know me, bc this shit making me cum!

I heard one of ur main bitches booty stinks have you told her

Damn I thought I was in the cut! Fan mail rolling in!

You talk a bunch of shit, swear up and down you bad... C'mon keep it real!! Your doing bad!! Aren't you

You listen to the shit I talk, you swear up and down I'm bad, c'mon be honest you're a fan? These bitches love lavish!

y do you need so much attention? ur lackin it from somewhere

Attention grabs me. With my personality alone I can carry a room or drop it.... You fan too pooh

I heard you were the devil him self... The way you treat people is like you have no soul. Tell the truth... Are you satan?



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