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anything exciting happening in your life right now?

My kids growing more & more ❤️ Also makes me sad lol

Di you are really an inspiration to me i would really like to meet you and spend some time with you i adore you a lot ?you are damn pretty ?

Huh? Lol but thanks..? 0.o

would you be upset if you lost the one you love? be honest!

Losing the ones you love would always make you upset , if it doesn’t you didn’t love them.

Why does my baby daddy only care about our son when he's single? Once he gets a girlfriend he pretends like he does'nt have a kid.

I personally don’t know, but I hope you’re alright. I have a daughter with someone else but I can’t ever see myself not being in her life/doing right by her. Honestly hurts my heart being away from any of my kids. I’m sorry it’s not much of an answer but make your son know it’s going to be okay, maybe not going to feel full , but he’ll be complete. 😊

If u love someone and it has been almost one year and they r changing with u ? Is that a bad sign? Or it’s normal?

Depends on if you like the change. Change is normal, but could be a bit hard to get used to.


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