Ask @LizGOnline:

could you please post a schedule of who's sdrr project submissions will be coming out on each day ?

All first-time participants usually get a tentative date for when their submissions are to be featured with the countdown, so if you've submitted something you should know when to expect it :) I'd rather not post any schedule publicly because sometimes I have to move stuff around or reorganize it, so it might end up confusing/frustrating people when they expect to see something on a certain day and it isn't there.

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how is it even possible to get a follow from you on twitter?

A follow from me is basically worthless because I barely ever read my timeline on this account... But I follow friends or other nice fans or magazines and stuff. Anything related to Liz. (On a side note, I don't see how a follow from me would be important, I'm just a fan.)

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