What do teen desire in life

Imma be honest okay cuz I’m real.......Yu have some teens out here with big goals and high expectations and sum who just don’t give a f**k. Meaning the ones who don’t care, they depend on other people to do stuff for them and think they can get by without doing shiii. Another desire I have seen (especially for teen boys) is sex honey. Let’s be honest, when your a teen, yu want to enjoy life so Yu gon do sum freaky mess (girls and boys...not just boys)...Puberty hit, we get wild...I understand dat but is sex really dat big? like yu have some boys out here dat want sum real then yu have f**kboys who juss wanna hit and run (meaning yu easy in they eyes)but if they get yu pregnant......Girl, I feel sorry for yu (respectfully)💯💯.The real thing altogether is that the desire is to have fun while yu young. Wild out (smoke, party and be freaky) and do whatever yu want. But too much fun can result in karma to slow yu down (meaning of yu a teen and love sex (keep smashing girls and they yu gettin away with it raw and stuff, yu gon get sum babies VERY VERY soon; Yu like to vape/smoke at your teens age, you either gon have sum breathing problems along the way or damaged lungs (if yu a constant smoker at this age) ....there’s more but dats the big desire...HANDS DOWN!.

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What do teen desire in life

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