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Hallooo! 🥺 Are you in a relationship right now?

Nope and don’t plan to be anytime soon. Boys juss be sneaking around too much to to the point yu can’t really give your whole heart to somebody Bc yu don’t know if they sneaking behind yo back or being loyal these days but nah, I’m happy single💯🥰🖤
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Ok so this guy said he likes me. But we never really talked before. We started texting for like two days and then he didn’t text me for like a whole day. I kinda wanna text him but I don’t know what to say. Also does this mean he’s not interested or is he just busy?

In my opinion, it depends on how deep y’all relationship is like for example, if y’all have a real vibe and friendship (VERY close one), their is a possibility that he may like you but if y’all don’t really talk much and he says he likes you, he may just be saying that just to say that.
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