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Guys bat ganun nawawalan nako ng gana sa bf ko kasi naman e lagi niya akong pinapaiyak, binabalewala basta I feel so unwanted and di kamahal mahal. Like grabe insecurities and all :( Me so tired...

You should leave if you're being treated poorly. Love yourself enough to know that you deserve better.

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I wonder if my standards weren’t so high, I would have a boyfriend already, should I just settle for less?

No. Don't ever settle. Someone will come along who will be perfect for you. It just takes time and a lot of patience. Never settle for less. You deserve what you want in a person.

1ng GUDLUCK po para saken bukas na sana makapasa ako sa Final Interview ko bukas 🙏🙏🙏

good luck, you can do it!!!

I am planning to not renew my contract sa work ko. The reason is gusto ko muna magfocus sa board exam. I failed the first time I take, kulang sa time and walang time sa review. Alam ko na hindi ako matalino so kailangan ko talaga ng mahabang oras kung gusto ko pumasa. Okay lang ba gagawin ko yun?

Of course that's okay. You need to give yourself sufficient time to review, especially if passing the board exam is something really important to you. My best friend did the same thing. She quit her work to focus on her review, but hers was for the bar exam.


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