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Taryn Ashby?

Who doesn't like Taryn lol she's so nice and she's so athletic she's really good at soccer and she's also really pretty

Mia Barbieri?

I love Mia she is an amazing athlete she's good at whatever sport she plays and she did so good in our game today !

Truth is your little sister is one of my good friends☺but you and me never actually talked but you know my sister and my cousin I think (: & you're soo gorgeous (: just like your sister !

Awh thanks ! And your sister is Alexa and your cousin is Lucia they are so nice and I heard you are really nice too !

Alina Padrezas?

I LOVE her she's so nice and pretty and she everyone I went to the jr. High track practice she would be the first to say hello she always knows how to make my day !
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