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do you know if the soundtracks for the other 3 distant lands specials will ever be released? I've been meaning to complete my collection >:]

jordant00069’s Profile PhotoJordan Thomas
I don't know if there are any plans for other DL soundtracks in the near future. Obsidian got more of a push since it was a lot more song-heavy. All you can do is let watertower music know there's demand.

What happened to the art of ooo? They don't make more copies anymore? Prices have risen a lot🙁

Gabriel4 :)
Yeah, it's been out of print for a few years, so I think that price is reflective of scarcity. It would be cool to do a follow-up but I think art books that big are less common for CN shows now.

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What does the Glass Kingdom do during a knife storm?

I don't know, people probably all take shelter. It probably sounds pretty cool when the knives hit the buildings. Either musical or cacophonous.

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hi adam!! i’ve been looking at some of your sketches on the king of OOO tumblr page and I was interested in getting one of them tattooed but wanted to get your permission before. I really just want to make sure I don’t take work you deem personal

sure, you could get a drawing tattooed. You might need to have the artist tighten it up beforehand since a lot of those are just sketches. Send a pic when it's healed if you do get one.

Hey Adam, do you by any chance have a spare copy of the Adventure Time Complete Series Soundtrack box set?

No, sorry but I don't.
We weren't sent copies of that one.
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Are "Hero Time with Finn and Jake: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Genuine Legend," "How to Warrior by Fionna and Cake: A Tale of Deadly Quests, Daring Rescues, and Defeating Evil!" and "The Official Cookbook" canonical to the show?

Randy101010’s Profile Photo沈璽馮
There were attempts to make a few of them them consistent with the show’s continuity. But overall, the answer is mostly no.

Are there any plans for an updated Adventure Time art book to cover the years since Art of Ooo?

Yeah, that would be cool. But I haven't heard anything along those lines lately. That's up to CNE and the publishers they work with.

I was looking through the King of Ooo blog and it seems like Tumblr has flagged several older posts as "containing adult content" and hidden them from view. Is there any way to restore those posts?

Hm, I'll look into that. But if they're still flagged they're not showing up on the dash.

Are there any videos of the 2018 San Diego comic con panel ?

You can find audience recordings around. But I think CN is supposed to be posting the full panels on their youtube account too.
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I can’t remember who exactly, but someone in the Adventure Time panel said that “Adventure Time isn’t over” and “It’ll come back”. Could this be an actual possibility or does it not work like that? Thanks

It might have been Tom Kenny? But I don't think he was saying there were specific plans to make more Adventure Time episodes. He was speaking from his personal experience of doing voices on several iterations of the same shows.
Things do come back sometimes. It doesn't seem like franchises really end anymore; they just lie fallow for a while. That's both comforting and kind of a bummer.

̶D̶o̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶k̶n̶o̶w̶ Are you allowed to tell me who all of the crew is going to be at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con Panel?

I know that a number of cast and crew are confirmed for the SDCC panel. But it’s up to the network to announce their names.
I’m hoping they update the listing but we’ll see.
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Describe the room of your dream?

It's like a cross between a high school bathroom and an endlessly high wall covered in marble statuary with metal slides snaking across its surface and I'm being chased by witches.

Can you make a title card for the short The Wand because it's the only short that doesn't have a title card and it is bothering me?

We only made title cards when the format called for it and we were told that short would not require one.
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