Ask @MrMuto:

I can’t remember who exactly, but someone in the Adventure Time panel said that “Adventure Time isn’t over” and “It’ll come back”. Could this be an actual possibility or does it not work like that? Thanks

It might have been Tom Kenny? But I don't think he was saying there were specific plans to make more Adventure Time episodes. He was speaking from his personal experience of doing voices on several iterations of the same shows.
Things do come back sometimes. It doesn't seem like franchises really end anymore; they just lie fallow for a while. That's both comforting and kind of a bummer.

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Is Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion canon to the show?

It seems to be set during a very specific time period so potentially it could be treated as an event that was just not seen in the Adventure Time series.
But we didn't take the events of the game (whatever they may be) into consideration as we were making the show. Not at all.
So ... no.

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