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Haha. Put then whats the point of being anonymous if I tell you who I am?

you don't have to tell me but it would be nice
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hahaha I wasn't the other one, im just some random floating in, being the more superior one

hey josh, do you know who the other one is

Hmph. So why don't you upload a picture?

you may be lucky enough to see a picture if you tell me who you are

why are you gay? happy? can you see I used various question marks?

Im loving the questions marks and im happy to see you now understand how ask.fm works
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dude you lost fair and square so now your the inferior josh

at what point will you realise that this is ask.fm atleast use a question mark
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would u rather, go to an acdc concert, but after that never listen to them again? orrrrr, be a total directioner and only listen to acdc on sundays?

acdc concert sadly, either lots of acdc or no acdc
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