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Y u so meany to lil caprice?

im never mean on purpose
on the internet, because i dont have restrictions like people normally have IRL, im a very honest person, but i "try" to be polite at all times
if that doesnt suit someone... well... tough luck, but im not going to lie to anyone unless i have to, i have enough respect for most people to avoid that

HOW DID YOU KNOW IT WAS ME! You weren't supposed to know it was me. *Pouts* How do you find me attractive... >.>

who else would ask that question? :-)
and i dont know in what way, not in a way that would make me jump you instantly if thats your concern :-)

Who are your favorite 5 DamnLOLians to chat to?

Alex, Isidora, Liz (unless she's derping around too much), Kevin and Casper
thats how i feel it right now anyway, subject to rapid change on mood change
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Would you leave your home country for the one you love?

without a second thought (and not just because i dont particularly like it here)
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