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was there enough interest for a round 2?? I’m very excited for it!

Yes! It’ll be structured slightly differently but we can’t wait to start revealing things. We’re working on finalizing our schedule… 🤖💖

Will the packages in the next run come with the tote bag and other goodies? All the merch photos I’ve seen have been so cutee, I would love to get it all along with the zine :D

Yes! Round two will include all of the previously available items, though we'll be rotating the selection of print designs.

will it be possible to buy the plushie keychains separately?

Yes, we'll list the plushies individually for round two as well!
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is the second round all items as the first? or is it all leftovers of the first?

The second round will be a whole different preorder period and feature the same merch items, though we’ll be rotating out the 7 print designs to keep each round special!

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