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I know more than u think so keep sending them to try an intimidate me I'm beyond that

😂 Whatever you say 🤷🏻‍♂️

Would you listen to your close friend if they told you to stop talking to someone even if that someone hasn’t done anything bad to you but was just odd in certain ways or seen as an outcast?

Hmm it depends that’s a tough one to answer tho

Your soulmate is the person you were dating in 2020‼️ 💯

Deffintly not the one is still left in 2020 and the other one is left in 2022

I wanted you so badly. It was the fact that you kept chasing after me. Even though it wasn’t enough. It was enough to make me want you. And to try to make this work. There was no one in this world that I want more than you. But now I just feel obligated to talk to you to make sure you’re ok

Lol who r u?


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