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Bro ur gf is a goddess to every1 how the fuck did u manage 2 finally get her 2 settle down damn. Her ass is mint

I didn't make her do anything ill let her do whatever her heart desires all you gotta be is respectful and nice and don't be cocky toolbag like all the other kids in Pono just be honest and straight up. And ass ain't everything brah I look for what's on the inside not the out cause u could jus walk down the street and find a girl wit a mint ass or big tits but you'd have to walk countless miles to find a girl that respects you for who you are no matter you are or what your past has made you, even tho it might be antagonizing and brutal to take that long ass walk, but trust me it's all worth it when you reach your destination. But here's a life lesson what u see on the outside of a woman you can find anywhere but a girl that shares the same interests, values, hobbys, beliefs etc.. Now that's like walkin thru the desert and finding a body of water. Some people say it doesn't exist but if you put ur mind thru it and do the hard searching, I promise you that you will find what you were looking for no matter how many people doubted you. And once you find it, it's all yours and don't let any other person get a share you treat her like a princess and sit there at her worst times and comfort her and I guarantee she will stick by you no matter how bad the situation gets. Now I'm done writing this fucking novel lmao but good luck bro there's someone out there for you, you just gotta be willing to make that trip

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