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Do Kitsunes inbreed regularly for fits of power, then?

Haha, I have no idea about my kind, Though I am a nut for breeding, So ill breed anything that can be bred!
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So what about if there were six kitsunes? Also, what if one kitsune was all it took for other kitsunes to appear (method of how they appear is up to imagination)?

Look, You clearly dont understand! One kitsune always generates more kitsunes! We spread and we only ever get to five! If it ever got to six..Well its just not possible!
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So, interesting thought: What would you do if you were to encounter another kitsune?

Well, The legend goes, If three kitsunes get into a room, They will start getting sexually aroused, If there is four..Then many pregnancys, When there is five. World domination...LOOK! I dont make the rules, I just live by them!
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Opinion on hyper-casual sex worlds? For example, a setting where a girl can drop down and unzip a random bus passenger's pants to give him a blowjob and nobody will bat an eye? Likewise, the one on the receiving end will keep talking with his hands-free business partner the whole duration.

Oh I love them, I do Dm worlds like that when I can be bothered, I just need to find a group of players who want to do this sort of thing! But yes Its a huge Fav of mine!

Do you have a clear top fetish? One that you'd much rather have in an RP if you only got to choose one? Or are they all a bit around the same level, some just a little higher rated than others?

I Love being the top dog..Ugh fox in most sitautions. Though kinks wise I do not mind that many to be fair, I just love enjoying myself with all the kinks I love. I am a top by nature and I do love having my pets, but I tend to be silly and fun most of the times so sex is not on my mind all the time. Which is why I love any story based rps I also do!
TLDR: All around the same level

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