Ask @Rachel_Lasford:

Opinion on hyper-casual sex worlds? For example, a setting where a girl can drop down and unzip a random bus passenger's pants to give him a blowjob and nobody will bat an eye? Likewise, the one on the receiving end will keep talking with his hands-free business partner the whole duration.

Oh I love them, I do Dm worlds like that when I can be bothered, I just need to find a group of players who want to do this sort of thing! But yes Its a huge Fav of mine!

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Do you have a clear top fetish? One that you'd much rather have in an RP if you only got to choose one? Or are they all a bit around the same level, some just a little higher rated than others?

I Love being the top dog..Ugh fox in most sitautions. Though kinks wise I do not mind that many to be fair, I just love enjoying myself with all the kinks I love. I am a top by nature and I do love having my pets, but I tend to be silly and fun most of the times so sex is not on my mind all the time. Which is why I love any story based rps I also do!
TLDR: All around the same level

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