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How do you find the confidence to wear summer clothing when you're really insecure?

I personally prefer not to do so but if you really want to just listen to music that cheers you up

have 2 min? I want to ask you. 👁️ Have you ever been on a diet? If so, which one?

rrenav045019’s Profile Photorrenav04
I have but it has just been a restriction from certain fruits and carbs, it was very good

POV: You were given three wishes, what do you wish for?

mxmoonvibez7130’s Profile Photomxmoonvibez
A plane ticket to dallas texas, to be in GeorgeNotFound’s body for a day just to check his messages, and to be a better person in general

What's the strangest thing you've ever experienced?

roryblaire22’s Profile PhotoGrave
A cow rubbing it’s ass on my dad’s car and leaving a huge shit on it


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