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What do you prefer: cute, cool, smart or stylish girls?

All of the above. Any girl as long as we love each other.

More of you need to spend alone time alone though

I do. That's why I have named every don't on my ceiling 48948 dots to be precise.

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So sick of people going thru my dads house property and privacy 🏚 🙍🏻‍♀️💔😒

Have you considered bear traps and pitfalls?

The way he fucks me, I do not need anyone else omgggg. I can’t stop thinking about it

In the mouth right? Best feeling ever when he's all the way down and you swallow all of his creamy goodness. Amazing.

If a guy keeps saying they want to meet but aren’t planning anything and being vague, calling it bad timing, giving vague plans 2-3 months out, what does it mean?

Drop em like it's hot and get a new man that will be a man and treat you right ✅️

Scared I’m pregnant (16)

You'll be ok. There are programs that help support young moms. Your school district may have programs to help too. You just need to look.


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