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If you could be any person from history (2013 or before) for a day, who would it be?

The President. Housecleaning Day!

What's your favorite car ever, and currently in production? What are some of your hobbies?

My favorite car ever, and keep in mind I've had more than 30 vehicles in my life, is my current car - The Model S.
Current hobbies include golfing, playing basketball, traveling & hanging with my puppies and hot wife.
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What are your thoughts on advertising through social networks for a small business? What would you say would be some of the ways you would recommend to reach out and touch more customers using this method, instead of traditional advertising.

As a small business you take advantage if every sort of (free) social media or marketing. Anything you can do to reach more than 1 person that doesn't cost you anything is worth it in my book. However, it's a double edges sword. If you spend too much time on these you're not focusing on the core concept of the business (unless of course it's social media), and that will slow you down. Some outsource this responsibility, some bring in house. I'm partial to in house due to all the "foot in mouth" issues you see with social media management companies.
It's a vital part of your business. Don't ignore it, but don't obsess with it either. My advice would be to hire a specialist in house or outsource based on your comforbility.

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What would you say are the top 2-3 things you look for in a new start up company?

Very good question!
The first is the people or person who's founded the startup. I look for a variety if traits within each founder I talk to to ensure it's a good investment. Education, experience, honesty, ethics, trustworthiness, generosity (do they give back?), and drive to name a few.
The second is the idea. The idea needs to be fluid. It needs to have "legs" or traction. Doesn't have to be complex, or simple, just needs to be interesting to me. There are great ideas that come from great people that I wouldn't work with simply because I may not be the best person for them.
The third would be their business "concept". It's no longer a "plan". It needs to be modify-able fairly easily, if they need to pivot. I can deal with a shitty plan, if the first two carry greater weight.

How did you become so awesome? And how smart is your good friend you met in college?

I'm not sure about smarts but he sure is funny.

have you played GTA V

I have not. The last GTA I played was San Andries
I'm not big into video games due to my lack of free/open time to do so. I think if I did get into it more, id be hooked. That wouldn't be good for people that rely on me, or for the growth of me as a person and an entrepreneur. I have businesses to build.
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PlayStation or Xbox?

I've always owned a Playstation, but haven't tried the PS4 or XBOX One yet.
Playstation for now.

Will you be upset to see the Negri name change to something else?

I will not. In fact, I welcome the change. With me no longer involved in operations it makes sense to change the name.

Are you back in Vegas? If so, are you looking to lose at your new country club?

Funny question. I'm back in Vegas and always down to take money from the over-confident.

Would you ever invest in a restaurant on the east coast?

It's possible but unlikely right now.
I have a few ventures here that need my oversight, at least early on. Feel free to send me some details on it, but you'd have better luck pitching me something you want to do out here (Vegas) instead.

What's your average golf score?

matthewmspace’s Profile PhotoMatthew Miller
Low 80s. I need to find a good teacher out here. I need a few lessons to get back on track. It's my first time playing on a regular basis since 2000.

How did you know you wanted to be in the sales market and what made you stay?

Lance Seidman
It wasn't so much the "sales industry" but the specific industry, tech, that kept me interested for years. I was always interested in the newest device and doing my best to help others procure the devices they wanted. It was always something different, each day, which is why I was able to enjoy it for so long. It never got old.

How did you know you wanted to be in sales, one of the hardest markets?

I love technology. I really wasn't discouraged by the difficulties entering the industry but it did become more difficult than I had ever anticipated. It wasn't so much the competition but the image that came with the industry.
However, I feel the we/the company did a great job at repairing that image and helping consumers hold other companies to higher standards.

Do you by chance need a intern? -@ph0enix_dev

Actually, yes.
But for Laicos. I'm no longer owner of Negri Electronics. Email jobs@laicos.com if interested.

What phone do you use primarily right now?

iPhone 5s. I recently shelved my Blackberry and working on only carrying one device.

What is your opinion on competion?

I've answered this publicly on twitter previously, but competition is good! Not only does it drive you to be better, you are able to absorb so many good and bad traits from competitors that will only make you better.

Do you think you could have sold Negri more than you did?

Yes, but in 12+ months. The company was in great shape and we were planning on taking on an investment of close to 1.5m. This would have doubled our value in 12 months therefore we could have sold for...double what we sold for in December, 2013.
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Are you looking to invest in ideas?

Always! Ideas are the start of something great - although it does take a lot of time, effort and patience to grow the idea, ideas are what gets things started and without them, a lot of the products you use today wouldn't be available.

How much did you sell Negri for? What about your family members who worked there?

For an undisclosed amount.
My brother accepted a position at Action Bags in Chicago and has been working there for a month now. No other family members were a part of Negri Electronics.


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