Ask @Sarahwesthaver7:

Pap of your legs? They so sexy


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Do u and Kane still have a thing


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How do you do your eyebrows they look sooooo good and natural

Brush through , outline with pencil, fill in with powder then gel

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When are you getting ur tattoos


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How old is melaylas bf

How old is mekayla

Why wouldn't you go to school first semester?

Might do correspondents, idk yet

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Are you going to school first semester?

I have no idea yet

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Who knows you the best?


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Post a picture of your pet!

Guess you're not gonna:(

Tbh you're really cute and seem sweet hmu somtime(:

Thank you :)

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Is Dylan dating someone now orrrr

Yeah think so not sure, ask him

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Tbh ~ Don't really know ya but your gorgeous! And seem chill af! :)

Hailey Robinson
Aha same to you!!:)

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Who will be the next person you will kiss?

No idea

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Thoughts on clingy Guys?

Don't want someone to have to know what I'm doing every second and be with me all the time but wanna hear from you and be able to talk to you about anything

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Where do u work

American eagle

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tbh- idk you but you seem nice :)

We'll thank you

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Thoughts on dtlan

I don't know a dtlan

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Beach, #following

Thank you

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im jerking off to you

Fun activity

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im gonna do it

Don't tell me that

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