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How easy is it to find someone's number?

It's not easy to find someone's phone number unless they willingly share it with you. Respecting someone's privacy is important, so it's best to ask for permission before trying to find someone's number.

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Are there worst things than being cheated on in a relationship?

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Being cheated on in a relationship can be really hurtful, but it's subjective to say if there are worse things. Everyone's experiences and feelings are different. It's important to prioritize your own well-being and communicate openly in relationships.

What kind of house is your dream house ?

2 story. Basement, pool, 20 acres of land. A Fallout shelter underground.

I'm 29 years old am I too old for college?

No! You should jump on the college train whenever you get the chance!

Do you know how painful it is to tell someone you are depressed and their only response is “ you should see a therapist” but have no problem talking to you about their problems

Very annoying. But I still try to help and listen.


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