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I used to talk to you in highschool, long distance. Even called you a few times, you're so beautiful and talented. It's nice to see you doing well.

Aww, I remember! I do hope that you're doing well yourself too. I've been a whole heck of a lot better and more confident in myself since I finished up high school and really embraced my hobbies. I wish you the best in life!!! uwu

Glomp attack! (Glomp) can we have the honor of seeing your beautiful face again?

Of course! I got some Junko photos back from MAGFest recently, so I'll share one of my faves from my shoot w/ Lam Lam Photography and Cosplay! :3

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Pic of the day? :D also you're quite the beautiful woman! :3

Since I've been working on my Eclipse Aries cosplay for Katsucon, I think I'll share some photos of her I took when I did a makeup test c: And thank you so much ;;

On a scale between 1 to 10, how cute are you? :3

Ahhh that's hard to answer since I'm not sure how cute I would call myself. It's hard to see how you appear to others... but I would hope that I am at least a 5 to most people! (Sorry if this is a super weird answer ;v;)

What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

Deciding on a whim to go out of state to a cosplay gathering that I've never been to before.

Pic of the day? ^.^

Since I'll be cosplaying Madoka Kaname this Friday at DerpyCon, I wanted to share one of my all time fave shots of her! It was taken during Otakon 2015 by D. Brooks Photo82!! :3

If you could restore one broken relationship, which would it be?

Every time I ended a friendship it was for a valid reason, so I stand behind every decision I've made regarding that. It's sad to see friendships end, but I believe that if someone is meant to be in your life then they will be. I'm honestly happier now than I've ever been, and a part of that is because I've learned to take care of myself better and cut out toxic people from my life.

I am doing quite well! Thank you for asking! Still being the bubbly beauty? :P

Awww yay!!
And I'm pretty bubbly right now since we had a super fun time at club today on campus. We ended up doing a sewing workshop and made a bunch of dank memes.

*hugs* I hope everything is okay! :) how's your day besides being a beauty?

Ahh thank you, today has been pretty decent so far! I'm going to work on more of my photo backlog later tonight. I hope you've been doing well too!!

Of all your pet-peeves, which is the strangest?

Probably when people sitting next to me are like rubbing their feet together. For some reason the sound really annoys me and I'm not completely sure why either??

Not only you're a cutie, but you have the perfect beach body! :3 beautiful! :P

Ahh I'm glad you like it! I really enjoy going out to take photos for beach cosplays every summer uwu

Being sylveon suited you so well! I think you're a fairy girl in disguise! My question for you is, how many friends do you have that cosplays?

Thank you so much! :3
Oh man, if I'd have to guess a rough number of friends it's be over 100. I've made so many new cosbuddies in the community in the past few years!

Selfie of your cuteness?

I went as Sylveon for Halloween and took some selfies then, so I hope this will do!
Also I'm sorry it takes me awhile to answer questions ;v; I try to update on here whenever I can!!

Pic of your cuteness? :3

I went through some Beach! Junko Enoshima photos this evening, so I think this should do! :3


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