Ask @SteevPls:

aww dets cute ur not evin funni yu slag

Awe hawe bout yoi sack mi dik?

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Think your funny bitch? I don't. Your gay bitch.

u so sweg sweggiest sage steve

Thx man, and hay gius I em beck!

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can u suck my dick? (;

sad stori?

lyke if de stugl iz sed </1

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Jesus Christ this account is dumb. Learn how to spell.

Likers get a follow? ❤️

lyke dis if u r falloen mi!

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You're accounts pretty cool tbh :)

Natasha miller

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Do u Lyke Hurry Pottur?

i lyke ur mum

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Sad stori

lyke if diz is sed <\1

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LOLZ blue suchh a fegit.

swag boy
oh jus lyke u!

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hay wer blue at?

swag boy
bloo is sukin mi ballz

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hey fegit swag boy here

swag boy
hay sweg feg

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What do you think about more than anything else?

You're so perfect

lyke if dis iz funni

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Funny stori

steev:brock whut du u want?
borock: ur en fagit
steev: borock pls;(
lyke if itz funni an u not en feggit

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do yew like manatees

dufuq kenda qoston iz diz?

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Aye man wuz poppin cuh wazzup

Ur an fagit

no no, ur an fegit beitch

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You fuck them bitches?

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About swaggy steev:

i em steev, i h8 bloo, but lov hes cloos