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Other than your gf, who do you want to inflate more than anyone rn?

Probably just one of my other balloony friends

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U should not get love because u don’t deserve it with 3 bfs

I’ve never had a BF in my life, thank goodness

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

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The power to inflate someone like a balloon with the snap of my fingers
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You could be a superhero team. You and you gf are partners. Your teacher analyzes the science of inflation and helps make it more efficient. Your therapist helps those you inflate cope with being a balloon. You and you're gf save the world one balloon at a time! Dream team of balloon girls!

That’s so silly but also love the thought of it, ehehehehe

How was your day today Tayloon? 😁 Chat with your girl at all? See any cuties or your therapist?

I said good morning to my GF as always! And a girl did compliment me on the jacket I was wearing today so that was cute!

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