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Choose a category out of the following and I will ask you a question to do with it! <3 Family.....Love.....Sex......Travel......Surprise ;) x

Skye x
i cannot believe ppl still make fake ask.fm accounts lol this being one of them
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What's your best pick up line? Mine's "Hi my name's Tyler. Are you wet yet?" It's worked a total of 0 times out of a lot and almost always ends with a slap 🤔😂

CapnKilgz’s Profile PhotoTyler K
maybe it never works because you look like a 2009 emo who still listens to blood on the dance floor

Last time you had sex? Come on be honest 🤣

and also the fact ask has bots to ask these weird ass questions is pure strange

I’ve just found out that there will be an 11th series of Waterloo Road. How excited are you about this?

imagine using this app daily


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