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Exx :D in fact you are from originally) you might love Moscow more than Baku, but your roots belong to Baku :D okay, dont want to argue with you :P How are you doctor? its been a long time that i cant hear anything from you :)

I don't like Moscow, I'm a Moscow girl because I live here my whole life. In fact, I visit Baku 1 time a 2-3-4 years.

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to be honestly, we were 3 guys, went to an intensive course, but we didnt like the teacher :P it was not a stupid question, bcos u live in Moscow with russian people, and u can take their character, or outlook as well, thats why i asked u :)

To be honestly, for u a German grammar will be so difficult. I have a good teacher, but he didn't predict, he said that for TestDaf you should spend about 2 years. It's a hard exam

I have an individual teacher as well as you, after a month, she predicted that i can be able to learn each level during 2 months :) lets see) i go 3 times per week

But u've said that you're going to take a course. U didn't tell that u study.

you should learn each level during 2 months, specially for A1 level just a month is ok )

Each level 2 month? No, you aren't right. Each level has a different hours. A1 - 120 hours, but B2 - 600-800 hours

well, i ll tell you an example, lets say i am n automobile engineer, In baku there is not any opportunity to work based on my profession, so i am invited to germany to work, should not i go there ? :)

So, at first, any job in Baku don't have a good opportunity for lives. Salary there are ridiculous. And that's why some people go to work abroad. But patriotism it's a another thing. I know our "patriots" . Here they say Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, but when they arrive in Baku, why they speak on Russian ? And patriots like them sooo much

bcos they know you :) Just asked from an american, majority of them dont know, even while watching interview someone shows Turkey flag, one of the americans say it is Canada flag, lol :D

At the first time they didn't know me. When I said Azerbaijan, they asked me, "Baku?".


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