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Moving mountains isn’t for everyone, baby I forgive you for doing what is expected of your character.

Yea I been doin that shit and it ain't got me nowhere and it's very frowned upon ... Like I've done wtf I had to do in the past for money in my pocket I ain't tryna keep doin that shit and when I was where tf was anybody at then??? And why come in and change me ? Now all a sudden we wanna be back out there ????? Hell nawl it's time to clean my act up ... Im tired of living WRONG. I ain't no whore no more now I just have to quit other bad habits ... Fast money is no longer one of em . Unless it's legal I'm done being bad unless I have to be or it is to help someone else .. ijs that's my perspective

We don't need war.

Who? I mean it's never not been a war of some kind . Greedy people wanting power .. I'm not sure but I think there will always some type of war going on somewhere ... What chu talking about tho ?

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Women are choosing to wreck their homes and marriages not men

I don't wanna wrek either and actually if the home isn't stable nor is anyone happy in the marriage and one refuses to communicate I mean after years of trying ... Some don't want to change anything. I know I have been hard headed but I believe the right communication can fix almost anything. I'm willing to correct my self for the good if I'm given an opportunity. I suppose I need to do that now for myself .. possitive life changes ..it takes more than one obviously someone is unhappy .. .

Sweetheart you are so lovely, I am so lucky to have you. Are you as happy as I am?

I don't know u and don't know how happy u are sooo can't say if I am or not

Set yourself free it’s a new day new beginnings

Amen I want to be Free. I want my kids . If I have a choice to marry my BD I WOULD I WANT MY CHILDREN IN MY LIFE ...

Should a woman keep her self attractive to keep her man interested in her?

She should keep herself attractive to herself .

Confront me, I’m probably shy to make the first move this time. Your confrontation is part of my plan just say hello and we can chat from there but I don’t think the world will see me ever again.

Who arreeee you

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🥺 Do you love someone??

My god and my family . My husband and myself . I also love everyone from a distance but my love is as of the love we all should have in us we are a human race as one race and one people but only til we realize that there will be division and hurt and pain unecesscarily

Would you leave your 4 year relationship(w 2 kids) to try with someone new? A little background, my husband has cheated on me before and this is my first time but I ended up falling in love, I don’t know what to do.

Hmmmm if u in love go ahead . U should try to make it work with kids dad tho .... But if it's over then move on

Do you wish you had someone to cuddle every day and all the time?

I wish I had my dj unless he tell me otherwise then I'm his and he is mine ... That's what I do know and if he ever do want to move on I have no problem being adult about the situation.. but as far as I know ... Is all this other Bs is fake he is real and even he and I have not seen eye to eye he was there and I love him for it he owed me nothing and gave me everything . That counts maybe a season or forever only time will tell amen

I want babies!!! And I don't think I'll be able to. I'll adopt if I can't... Do you think wanting to have babies of your own DNA is selfish?

Nawl it's not

You may have thought you hated me then, you damn sure about to hate me now.😂😂😂

Never hated you .. you hate me stupid .. don't confuse the hate .. lol it only comes from you not me... Sad u live like that ... Your karma will get u eventually. Not me I'm not your enemy .......you are my enemy .. there is a difference .. righteousness always wins .. remember that ..

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