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Does it hurt you when you hear people tell lies about you?

Nah I know the truth that is all that matters

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Don't ever let your love for somebody make you feel as though you're less of a person just because you can't measure up to what they may need you to be. Just remember God doesn't make mistakes we all work for his purpose

I don't think anyone should need anyone and I don't feel like anyone should be trying it should just click

Pain sucks. It feels like it’s never Guna go away, and you’re stuck feeling miserable forever. Wrong. Eventually u move on from that pain, or that person causing u pain. And when u truly, TRULY move on. Nothing they say or do will even effect u anymore. Trust. I’m at that stage rn 🤗🤗

Pain is a temporary feeling . But I'm glad 💯

If you were in love with someone do you think it would be possible for you to cheat on that person?

Idk tbh

Is it possible to love someone and yet at times they turn you off? But because of the connection and passion you stay.



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