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Have you ever tried the dragonfruit that’s red on the inside? For some reason I only come across the ones that are white on the inside :/

I haven’t. but I heard that there’s no difference in taste

Do you think you are perfect or do you think you need some improvement

there’s always room for improvement, no one’s perfect

What would you do to your child if you found out they were gay?

tell them I love them & that I support them. this is a safe space

Why does a certain guy say that he isn’t attracted to me and only sees me as a friend but still opens up to me about his past and asks me personal questions?

because he’s comfortable enough around/with you to open up like that

Are you proud of who you ended up being?

even tho i’m still on a healing journey, I very much am

One has to go: mac and cheese or fries?

fries. I love mac & cheese too much, especially when I make it from scratch

Should I tell the spouse of my ex that they keep texting me? 💀💀

I would, they have the right to know

Is the rather “be single” than wasting my time with a man/woman the new trend?

since when is “being single” & knowing your self worth a trend? never waste your time on someone who is showing that they simply don’t care


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