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I been crying myself to slp everynight it hurt so bad knowing she really dont love me no more 😢😥

It’ll get better, take things day by day 👍🏼 Meet new people & surround yourself with positivity.
Love yourself 🏼

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Does anyone else love the sound of rain?

When you’re going to sleep or taking a nap, best sound ever lol

Goodbye. I'm going to miss you. You will always remain in a part of my heart. I hope for all good things with you.


Would you contact the police if you found out your phone is being tapped and tracked.

Nah, just get a new one & new #
Police isn’t gonna be able to do anything tbh. No point.

Don't you think it's about time you quit drinking and smoking?

When life stops kicking my ass, I will lol

How long after a breakup or separation before messing with another person?

Really depends on yourself.

Why can't I just forget about you? It would be easier if I couldn't remember you.

Im just a gem

Deleting this app now I'm done wasting my time and moving on with my life I wish you no bad I hope you get things worked out and figure it out but I got nothing for you anymore I don't ever want to see you again I'll never forget you but it's over seriously


What to do if you “family” picks the side of the person who abused you. He’s not even blood related to them

I’m done with the family, simple


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