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Are you going to finish the translation of the fuuga work, Shinda Watashi no Monogatari? Having only the first chapter is killing the fans of fuuga

We get this question quite a bit so it's always brought it up every time we discuss what things we need to do next. Unfortunately, because we're not specifically a H-centric group it gets relegated to the "SOON™" category. It really would be nice to see a completion on that story since it's pretty interesting, but the time we do have for translation is best spent on the main projects we do run.

Where can I find mushoku tensei light novel raws?

If you search "無職転生 ~異世界行ったら本気だす~" specifically, you can come across them somewhat easily. Your mileage may vary.

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Did you guys dropped Houkago Play?

Short answer: No?
Long answer: We did Houkago Play 2, 3, and R as standalone projects. While they may all be in the same universe, we never really intended to be the [singular] Houkago Play translator, it just looked that way. This is different than scanlating WataMote in which we try to be a series translator that does everything under the umbrella of the series.
So, did we "drop" Houkago Play? No, we never really picked up the series itself, but the individual volumes only.

What's your favorite manga series?

Berserk, for Ningen. Aqua/Aria for me still. I don't actually read much manga despite what we do!

The sad panda thing is literally a picture of a sad panda.. Why?

To make people believe there's an online gallery. It's all mirrored on Mangaslide, don't worry.

What happens in finalization? (sorry, i don't know anything... ; o ;)

It's synonymous with quality check, where you make sure there is no errors. Though, Meiru like to skip this or do it themselves which is why their releases have errors!

Do you guys translate other stuff than manga?

We've done some fansubs here and there as well as part of a visual novel. The translators do light novels in their own time, and both Meiru and PuchiTL have done game translation.

Favorite manga? (To anyone answering this)

M3OW: Sunny (probably), Ningen: Kingdom (as of recently), Meiru: Aqua/Aria

(Thank you for DDD'sDDDD) Will you translate Inio Asano's one-shots Planet, Toshi no Se and Kinoko Takenoko?

Thanks! We'll try to do them, provided we can find/get raws for them.

How much time takes to translate a chapter? (bitter change)

A chapter can be go from translation to finalization within 3-4 hours. The reason why it takes a ~week to release it is because Meiru is a loser and lets it cry in finalization for days before it gets pushed to release.

what is the order that all the staff joined? ` w `

In terms of people still (pseudo) active... Meiru -> Ningen -> Sector89 -> Shockro -> K -> PuchimasuTL -> SirusRiddler -> dusthillguy -> M3OWMIX -> Noon -> JAC -> hihohahi

Is there anything we can do to help your team without joining?

Reading, sharing, and talking about the various releases helps out a ton. Sounds rather cliché, but doing so helps drive exposure not just for us, but also for the series you read. Ultimately reaching the various publishing companies and telling them that it's something worth pursuing further with a anime adaptations and such.

Do you guys like normal manga or H-manga better?

General consensus is normal manga because the plot! (and because that's what we do) H-manga with plot is pretty good too though, like stuff from Fuuga or Yuzuki N.

What do you think about Platinum Games?

RULES OF NATURE. Honestly though, we love Platinum's games around here.

What is the meaning behind the group`s name (in case there is one)? I mean, I don`t think somebody has traumatizing memories about a World 3 in a plattformer game ... at least I hope so?

The origin behind "World Three" is that it's the name of the terrorist/evil organization from the Megaman Battle Network/Rockman.exe video game series.

how far is the next bitter change chapter close to being completed?

It more or less just needs to be finalized at this point.

Do you guys need positions filled?

There are some spots we'd like to fill, but nothing definite right now. If we ever decide which ones are priority there will most likely be a post about it.

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