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Hi Yina! Do you play dota2 on your macbook (pro)? Or is it macbook air?

Wah did I mention I played dota2? On my MacBook Air actually! Doesn't lag usually ;)

Hi Yina! I hope TVD can manufacture more neoprene flora/abstract dresses in larger size that fits at least a 19" chest. :,)

Thanks for the feedback babe! We do have a neoprene midi skirt coming up That's super pretty!!

u had chin fillers and botox?

Actually my chin is al naturale hahaha even though it looks bit awkward its my real chin lol. I've had nose fillers!

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Have you went for any laser treatment ?

Only some pretty mild ones, haven't really had much experience with laser treatments!

Why TVD hasn't launched for a while lol

Heh was busy stuffing my face in TW. Expect quite a few launches up til CNY!

Wow! How come your filler can last so long? Is yours the permanent kind? How much did u pay for? So u went for fillers twice alr?

It's not the permanent kind but what happens is that fillers never really go away completely at some parts like the nose. So it will subside but not completely, usually about 20% will remain for longer than a year. I can't remember exactly how much, but probably about $1k++.

Ahh i'm tempted to get a tragus piercing too but idk where can i get it pierced though :-( Thank you for ansing my qns Yina! :-)

I recommend the needle style of piercing as opposed to gun style because the tragus cartilage is very prone to splitting apart (happened to my sister hahaha but don't worry it can grow back together again) due to the impact from the piercing gun! The needle kind that they use at tattoo parlours is very much more suited to tragus piercing. I'm sure there are many reputation shops that does such services, I know Far East Plaza has quite a few! It can be very scary and daunting though, so you definitely want to find a shop you feel comfortable in. Good luck :D

Haha! How is that ahlian! It's cool;-) how much weight did u lose when you went for treatment at slimming couture?

I lost about 4kg! :D

Hi yina, i need your opinion! What do you think is the best gift for a 21year old girl? A chanel necklace w tiffany and co bracelet, or a chanel earring with tiffany and co necklace? :D

Wahhhhh! TBH, I think both sounds very sweet and precious, and if I were the birthday girl, I would be happy either way! :)

Hi Yina:) have you ever consider manufacturing larger sizes for bigger size girls that wanna wear TVD too?

Definitely! When you say larger sizes, how large are you referring to? All feedback is really appreciated and I'm happy that you stepped forward to provide yours!!

Intending to go back for fillers topups when your current one is almost gone?

Nose fillers actually last for fairly long so I don't intend to touch it up again so soon! :) In fact, there was a span of more than 1.5 years between my current touch-up (May 2014 to Dec 2015) and the one I did before it, and I didn't really find the need to have to consistently touch-up despite the long period in between.

Do you prefer to be rejected respectfully or be mindfucked so he can controlled you?

I don't quite understand your question but in any case no one likes to be mindfu*ked (I don't!) so definitely just outright rejection.

Yup! i agree that it's hard to find a strapless bra tt dont slip, im wearing warcoal & it slips.. i used to have VS bras with anti slip but the plastic anti slip rub against my skin & there's redness lol

Yeah! Try wacoal, it's not too bad really! M&S also not bad I heard. I honestly prefer to wear bras with straps nowadays cos I find the support so much better! So unless I really have to, I won't wear strapless bras.

I'm curious! Do you have a helix piercing on your right ear? :O

Woah your eyes so sharp! Yah I have a helix piercing on my right ear and a tragus piercing on my left hahaha ex-Ahlian

hello yina! hope you are enjoying yourself in taiwan! may i know what is a good brand for strapless bra that you wear? cause my cny dress needs one but the ones i have always drop very easily! :(

I'm looking for a good one too, currently the one I'm wearing is from wacoal! All strapless bras will tend to slip tho, I don't think u can find one thats totally non-slip!

HI YINA! You are actually my inspiration to lose weight, and you and me are very alike in a relationship, w the other half (my bf is a lil in secure like your husband smtimes) and I just wanted to say I felt the joy from the SDE video you posted on ur blog! Jiayous:-) And your singing is awesome!

Thank you for the very sweet comment, and I'm glad to know that we are alike in some ways! The video was so super well-done, all credits to Istudio for that! Let's jiayou together!! :D

Hello hello yina! Please try to upload your wedding photos on social media! They are all sooo sweet and beautiful and amazing!!!! Wo kan bu gou!! :))

I will, once I get more photos from my photographer! Thank you dear, happy to hear you like the photos!!

Hello Yina, can i just ask when do u you think its the best season to go Korea for wedding photoshoot? Hahah! Was planning mine and couldnt really make up my mind when i would like to go.

Hey babe! If u're doing a studio shoot then it doesn't really matter exactly when you go, but april-may is the best time cos it's really cool and nice! And if you're lucky you get to see the cherry blossoms around that period too! :)

Can I ask if your hunter boots is called woman original tall Wellington boots? It's not adjustable right? Did u size up? The width is not adjustable right? Kind of afraid that my calves are too fat to wear them! (Need to wear jeans/socks etc)

Heya! Don't have to size up, I took my usual size (38) and it fits me with allowance :) mine are non-adjustable and I think the calves part should be ok? There's quite a lot of space for me at the calves cos I have small calves! Hope that helps :)

Hi Yina! What is your height? You look super tall omg! And you are my inspiration to losing weight! May i know were your thighs huge before your weight loss?

Heya! I'm only 163cm haha but I have a shorter torso and longer legs proportionally!! And I've always had very small calves but my thighs are fat. Big butt wide hips and all that :((( I need to lose weight too after all the feasting and travelling this past month! Jiayou together!

are the separators very painful? i heard that separator are even more painful than the braces

No lah not at all!

Hi yina, why didn't u take the Taiwan bridal shoot before your wedding? Then can show your guests!!

Ya wanted to! Just that didn't have time to plan a trip to Taiwan at the right time before wedding! Bo bian lo :(


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