Ask @Zeennuu:

You were sitting wth kaivan aziz ali hritika. What happened to the rest of your group jehan taha bilal diana ameya. New friends ?

Oh my God your lack of logic completely saddens me.Doesn't mean if at that moment they weren't there they got new friends.You seriously have no clue about any of us so why do u keep assuming nonsensical stuff?😑I'll answer your question pertaining to the people who weren't present but u need to come off first.OKAY?

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I think ukw @Fate_merchant is beauty without brains

Haha don't u dare judge an ALL INDIA RANKER IN CSF!People with brains don't choose to argue with fools like you.So yeah she is beauty without brains and I don't think that should bother you at all because atleast she has beauty.You neither have beauty nor brains.So kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP!✋
P.S.:No one told you think and give views on people u don't know.

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