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Do you think that for a young homosexual like me in his 20s, the fact of being gay takes away my masculine and attractiveness?

Don’t let people’s judgmental thoughts of you stop you from being yourself. Live your life. Who cares whether you lean more into your feminine essence or your masculine essence. Shouldn’t matter!

Be honest: Have you ever said "I love you" and didn't actually mean it?

Never! Every time I’ve said it i mean it

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Any of you guys ever got married strictly for business?

Nope & i definitely dont plan on marrying only for business.

Are you embarrassed by receiving grocery store flowers?

Never embarrassed, i love flowers and idc where they are purchased from. The fact that the person even thought of me in the first place to get me something is sweet in itself.

ranking them from 5 up to 1 (1 being the highest) what do you think applies most to your life? and why? hard work talent luck patience planning

1 Planning
2 Patience
3 Hardwork
4 Luck
5 Talent


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