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Hi I'm a 5NA student wanting to apply for this year's Early Admission Exercise in SP Mechatronics. I already did my 600 characters write up. I'm having a little trouble in phrasing the 1000 characters write up. Mind if I ask how or have a sample?

Hello! I am so sorry for the late reply, but this can be informative for the rest.
- I do not have a sample for 1000 characters write up as for my batch, I didn't have it, but you could attempt to tidy up in point form which will be a lot more neater. :)

I don't have many certificate or attend AEM will I still get in? However, I have some projects at home such as modifying Nerf guns. Will this be enough?

Hello! I am so sorry for the late reply, but this can be informative for the rest.
- Your life experiences are definitely enough. They wanna know what you do out of school when nobody's watching, that is your passion :)

Hi, i was wondering if i do not have much achievement or participation to write about. Is it possible to write about what i know about the course and what i want to do in the future after the course?

Yes definitely.

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Sorry but can I ask you question personally instead of asking over here?

Yup IG @ Thirteentuesday!

Hi wanted to ask i am interest in biomedical engineering and pharmceutical sci but have not done anyth to related to it to write in my write up what do i do????

Then write about your passion and why do you want to join the course. What interests you?

Salutations, I was wondering: for the 1000 write up, I don't have much achievements, but can my talent be enough? I look forward to your feedback.

Hello! Yes, your talent is good enough but what course are you applying for?

Hi i really need some advice regarding eae. I have submitted my write up and im currently waiting for the call for my interview...my other friends who applied for other courses already got their interview call. I applied for biomedical sciences. Isit possible for me to talk with. u in fb?

I’m so sorry dear I was inactive on my account. I hope you’re doing well now, please contact me if you need any other advice in future. Love!

Would you rather pick: A person who has a good heart even though he/she is not that good-looking or A person who's good looking but has so rude behavior?

Good heart. You can always do plastic surgery. Attitude can never be “PS” only faked yet in-genuine.

Greetings. I would like to know is there a lot of writing involved in your course ¿ I am planning to EAE NP MCM but I feel that in the end I won't be able to get in as I have no confidence in getting B3 for English. Is it advisable to only join MCM if your English is at least above average ¿


Are we able to include leadership acheivements for our 600 characters write up? Can we still included them even if the cca is not relevant to our course?( eg: leadership awards in my choir cca when i am applying for animation)

Why not, if it proves a certain ability! But save the 600 for your passion and 1000 for achievements.

For the acheivement session in our Eae, can we included leadership acheivement in the ccas that we have attended? Can we still included them even if the cca is not revealent to the course we are attending?


i heard fms students do not have as much exams as other schools, so do you guys have projects on hand every week?

It really depends tho. In y1 there's only 1 exam. The rest are like common tests. You have enough time (more than enough in fact) for projects, so do not procrastinate!

Hii! I'm applying for EAE into np's mcm but I realised I do not have much qualifications, thus I have no clue on how I should prepare my EAE portfolio. Is there anything specific that the interviewers are looking for, since I only have a 1d twitter fan account that I'm unsure if its worth mentioning

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Also can ah. If you are able to engage fans, create content - it's worth mentioning :)
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hi there. I read your blog post about the EAE thing. And I wanna ask, since the webpage gives you 3 course options right? Do we just copy and paste the write up 3 times for each course selection or we need to like rewrite or something like that? thanks!

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Only copy if it's the same course! (PM replied on fb)
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Hi im a student from yuying as well and i am applying for biotech in temasek poly this commin EAE and i do not have experience in competitions with biology and my results are soso. But i am very interested in this course and passion is all i offer with my own research since young do i have a chance?

Yes definitely. Anyway I AM SO SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY! Just received a FB PM today and it's yet another EAE period so everyone is worried and starting to ask me questions on ask.fm. Anyway if you're my junior you should be able to contact me straight (just ask your teachers or friends) i can help you see your write up.
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hi! im wondering how did you manage to join an AEM course? (: through school or you went by yourself?

First and foremost your school MUST approach polytechnics to secure some AEM courses. Then you'll find your teachers for the opportunities!

Hello i know its abit late , but just want to tell you that after advices from you and your blog , i managed to get in through nyp htm :))) thank you !!!

Really!! congratulations, i am very happy for you :) Enjoy poly this april!
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