Ask @aboynamedjon:

Hey man I took a prohormone and now my sex drive has decreased as well as the size of the jewels... Is there any way to recover this without having to take a drug for the rest of my life???

yes. go to a doctor - he's probably gonna tell you to take hcg to grow your balls back and like nolvadex or something to keep your estrogen down while your test recovers. you'll bounce back to equilibrium soon enough brah don't be scared.

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Ive noticed your out late at night, i saw your video you said it was because of the distractions, the question is, do a lot of people recognize you during day time and approach you? i imagine if i were a popular fitness model i would get kinda frustrated by the attetion while working out lol

nah man I love talking to people whenever they meet me. I just go late at night sometimes so I can get in the zone and train calves to Pokemon music!!

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Ay so like all these other mofos I'm considering buying your bulking package, primarily for the diet, and I'm wondering, is eating just a shit ton of protein as the primary source of your (and your clients) cals how you manage to bulk and yet stay so lean? Sounds cool

yeah man I try my best to keep that at 40% of the macros and that ends up being a shit ton when your consuming 4K+ calories a day cus I'm 6'4

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